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pediatric dermatology services

Akron Pediatric Dermatology Solutions

Tender Care from Allied Dermatology Helps its Youngest Patients

Our skin is our largest bodily organ. Issues can occur at any time and in any age group, including young children. Allied Dermatology offers parents peace of mind, with experienced staff members prepared to handle health issues involving skin care for younger patients from infants to high school age. We treat a range of dermatological conditions from acne to eczema to poison ivy.

Patients or parents seek the help of a specialist, such as a dermatologist, when their primary care physician or pediatrician has run out of options and recommends them to a specialist.

Certain conditions occur at any time of year, such as rash, or bug bites or poison ivy. Other conditions relate more to weather or seasonal activities. For example, in warmer weather when people spend more time in the outside environment, bug bites and poison ivy can provoke serious reactions that require a specialist’s care for resolution. When children are participating in sports or other extracurricular activities, office visits for ringworm and acne increase. (Severe acne that requires treatment can start in patients as young as age ten.)

The patient being treated for acne or concerning spot/mole removal will often require a full body check to make sure there are no hidden issues and that treatment is effective. Parents are required to be present at all times during the course of the visit for such skin checks.

Our providers can treat pediatric patients in any of our office locations, depending on appointment availability. Allied Dermatology has three office locations, including Akron, Mayfield Heights and Mentor. Parents who call to schedule an office visit can almost always find an available appointment at one of its offices the same day or the next day.

To find out more about pediatric treatment at Allied Dermatology, call us at 866-337-6631.

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