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Choosing the Best Dermatologist Near Me

When you enter a large hospital system for dermatological treatment it often feels impersonal. The treatment itself might be first-rate, but your experience at the service desk or when booking an appointment doesn’t have that personal touch.

Capturing the Personal Touch

“With smaller companies like Allied Dermatology, you get more one-on-one time,” says Jacqui Foster, administrative assistant at Allied Dermatology.” There’s less wait time and not a lot of confusion. Having said that, there’s nothing small-time about the service patients receive. “We have eight physicians, all of which are board certified in dermatology,” says Petra Boesinger, chief financial officer at Allied Dermatology. “All of our Physicians are M.D. [Doctor of Medicine]. They have all done residencies and fellowships in dermatology, along with two Surgeons who are trained in Mohs micrographic surgery. We also have two nurse practitioners who are both trained in dermatology.” 

Serving all Northeast Ohio

Allied Dermatology has four locations providing service throughout Northeast Ohio. Located in Green, Fairlawn, Mayfield Heights, and Mentor, we provide extended coverage for patients. All the offices with the exception of the Green location perform skin cancer surgery. “If you go to the Akron office as a patient and are diagnosed with skin cancer, your surgery is done in Akron,” notes Petra. “The offices combine big institution-level medical competency along with friendly knowledgeable staff scheduling your appointments.” 

No Strange Voices on the Line

Patients aren’t dealing with anonymous operators on the other end of the line who do not know about them or their cases. “You can call our number and we can handle whatever your need is right there,” notes Petra. “The people who are on the phone at Allied Dermatology are in the office. They are not at an offsite call center. Everything is done in-house.” 

Patients typically won’t see wait times at Allied Dermatology, like they would at larger institutions. “If someone is in pain or very concerned about an issue, our physicians will see them as soon as possible.” says Jacqui.

Allied Dermatology locations never charge a service fee, like you see with most large hospitals.

Allied Dermatology offices are accessible and easy to find. They’re located on the ground floor and “you walk in the door and there you are,” says Petra. In other words, there’s no walking down endless corridors or moving from floor to floor to find a practice.   

Contact us to learn more about how Allied Dermatology might fit your family’s needs. You can request an appointment online or call 1-866-337-6631. 

Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery Akron location
Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery Mayfield Heights location
Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery Mentor Location
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