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Consider Non-surgical Hair Restoration

Akron – Mayfield Heights – Mentor

Faced with any type of genetic hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), it’s understandable that people will explore all of their options to counteract the condition.

Fortunately, success is possible with a non-surgical hair restoration process that can produce evident results within several weeks or no more than a few months. Additional treatments can help make an even more significant difference.

We use a cutting-edge, therapeutic procedure based on platelet rich plasma (PRP).   

How does it work?

PRP starts with a small amount of your own blood. Medical professionals spin your blood to distinguish platelets from other cells.  One of our doctors will use a small needle to inject platelets into your scalp (a process called autologous injection). It is effective because platelets with proteins naturally stimulate tissues and repair your blood vessels.

You can start with just three or four treatments followed by routine treatments two times a year. You can address hair loss problems like 

  • Bald spots 
  • Receding hairlines 
  • Thinning hair 

What to expect?

The good news is there are no major side effects. In fact, you can drive yourself home after each visit. Patients typically experience some pain during the procedure, which takes about an hour each time. We use topical numbing creams to lessen the stinging that patients may experience. 

The treatment, also known as bio-revitalization: 

  • Promotes growth from previously inactive hair follicles 
  • Improves blood flow within blood vessels 
  • Avoids reaction issues because your own platelets are used 

The procedure is a good option if other hair loss remedies have not produced favorable results. If pills and lotions have made a difference, you can still use them as well. However, our PRP process isn’t well suited for patients who are already completely bald or have lost hair for other medical reasons like thyroid and autoimmune conditions.

Contact us today to learn more and find out whether our non-surgical hair restoration technique could be right for you. 

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