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Annual Skin Checks at Allied Dermatology

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Our annual skin checks are a proactive and essential service designed to safeguard your skin against potential issues, including skin cancer. Regular skin checks play a crucial role in early detection and prevention, ensuring that your skin remains healthy and vibrant. 

What Happens During a Skin Check? 

Our comprehensive skin checks are conducted by our experienced dermatologists and nurse practitioners who specialize in identifying and diagnosing various skin conditions.  

The process typically involves: 

Visual Examination: Our dermatologists perform a thorough visual inspection of your skin, examining moles, lesions, and other abnormalities. 

Dermatoscopy: We use advanced dermatoscopy techniques to magnify and closely examine suspicious areas, allowing for a more accurate assessment. 

Patient Consultation: We prioritize open communication with our patients. Your physician may recommend and perform biopsies during your examination. He/she will also discuss any concerns you may have, as well as educate you on skin health and preventive measures. 

Documentation: For your medical records, we document the appearance and characteristics of any identified moles or lesions, enabling us to monitor changes over time. 

How Often Should Skin Checks Be Performed? 

The frequency of skin checks varies based on individual risk factors and medical history. However, as a general guideline, we recommend an annual skin check for most patients. If you have a history of skin cancer or other risk factors, more frequent checks may be advised. Our dermatologists will assess your unique situation and provide personalized recommendations during your appointment. 

Why Are Annual Skin Checks Important? 

Early Detection of Skin Cancer: Regular skin checks increase the likelihood of identifying skin cancers at an early, more treatable stage, improving prognosis and outcomes. 

Prevention and Education: Skin checks offer an opportunity for our dermatologists to educate you on sun protection, skin self-exams, and lifestyle choices that promote skin health. 

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your skin is regularly monitored by experienced professionals provides peace of mind and allows for timely intervention if any issues arise. 

Customized Care: Our dermatologists tailor each skin check to your individual needs, considering factors such as family history, sun exposure, and previous skin conditions. 

How to Prepare Before Your Appointment 

To help you prepare and make the most of your appointment, follow these five simple steps. 

  1. Perform a self-exam and come to your appointment prepared with notes about any new, changing or unusual spots you want to point out to your dermatologist. If you’ve taken smartphone photos of a spot that has changed over time, be sure to show them to your dermatologist. 
  1. Remove nail polish from your fingers and toes to enable thorough examination of fingers, nails and nail beds, since skin cancers can form there. 
  1. Wear your hair loose. Remove ponytails, buns or hair clips so that your doctor can get a good look at your scalp where skin cancers can, and do, develop. 
  1. Pack makeup remover to bring to your appointment and remove any makeup before your exam so that the skin around your eyes is easy to examine. 
  1. Ask questions. This is your opportunity to get valuable advice and insight from a professional trained specifically in diseases of the skin. From explanations of unfamiliar terms to pointers on how to do a skin self-exam, your doctor is an excellent source of information! 

At Allied Dermatology, we are committed to promoting proactive skin health. Our annual skin checks are a key component of our comprehensive dermatological services, emphasizing prevention, early detection, and personalized care. Schedule your annual skin check today and invest in the long-term health and beauty of your skin. 

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