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Say goodbye to tattoo regret with laser removal akron – mayfield heights – mentor

About one of every five adults in the United States has at least one tattoo. At least 14 percent have regrets about their ink, and that number increases with age. Laser treatment is currently the safest and most effective method of tattoo removal. Akron and Cleveland area residents trust the professionals at Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery to “clear the canvas.”

The concept

Laser tattoo removal is based on the principle that pigments in ink absorb specific wavelengths of light energy at a different rate than unmarked skin does.

Tattoo inks get their color from compounds of heavy metals. While the immune system recognizes ink particles as intruders, they are much larger than white blood cells, so the body cannot eliminate them. Laser treatment shatters tattoo ink into particles that can be absorbed and flushed through the body’s natural processes.

The equipment

Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery uses Fotona QX MAX Q-switched laser technology for tattoo removal. The device emits ultra-short, fast pulses of light in a narrow frequency. Laser energy heats pigments in the ink causing them to break apart from thermal expansion. Surrounding un-inked skin is not harmed.

This laser can be adjusted to multiple wavelengths, to attack different pigments in the tattoo:

  • 1064 nm Nd:YAG to remove dark colors
  • 650 nm dye for green
  • 585 nm dye for sky blue
  • 532 nm KTP for red, orange, purple, and tan inks, and lighter shades

Black and red respond most readily. Certain shades of light blue and colors near skin tone (like yellow and white) can be more challenging. Several treatments, spaced about three weeks apart, are necessary for optimal clearance.

Our team is well-trained in use of laser equipment, and experienced in tattoo removal on all skin colors.

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