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Melanoma Skin Cancer Diagnosis in Akron

Skin-savvy individuals are vigilant for new moles, those that begin to itch or bleed, or moles that change in shape, size, or color. These are warning signs of melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. The next step is to schedule an appointment at Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery as soon as possible, for accurate diagnosis and mole removal, if needed. With offices in Akron, Mentor, and Mayfield Heights, you won’t have to go far.

Is it a mole or melanoma?

Melanomas are usually dark flat or raised spots. Especially in early stages, they look much like a normal mole. As melanoma advances, it may develop a jagged border, irregular color, or other characteristics noticeable upon examination.

Part of the growth is removed and sent to a lab for analysis. If the diagnosis is positive, the lab report will also stage the melanoma:

  • Stage 0 (in situ) – Only the top layer of skin is involved.
  • Stage I – Melanoma is up to 1.0 millimeter thick. Skin covering may be intact (Stage IA), or open/ulcerated in Stage IB.
  • Stage II – Thickness is greater than 1.01 millimeters. Skin may be ulcerated, but the cancer has not spread.
  • Stage III – Melanoma has spread to nearby skin, or one or more lymph nodes.
  • Stage IV – Cancer is found on skin or lymph nodes further from the original growth, or has spread to an internal organ.

Treatment that saves tissue and lives

Our team is experienced in many effective methods of melanoma removal. In addition to traditional excision, we offer Mohs micrographic surgery, appropriate for some melanomas. Our goal is to eradicate the cancer efficiently and completely, with as little scarring as possible.

Don’t take chances with a mole that could be melanoma. Call Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery in Akron at 1-866-337-6631, Mayfield Heights 1-866-337-6631, or Mentor 1-866-337-6631.

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