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Dermal Fillers: Dermatologist Near Akron, Ohio

If you’re considering dermal fillers to improve the appearance of your face, you may have plenty of questions including, “Which kind of filler is right for me?” and “Where can I find a dermatologist near me?” The physicians at Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery help their Cleveland area patients find the treatment that will deliver the results they want. They understand how important it is to find a practice and a physician that you like and trust. Here they offer several items to consider when searching for dermatologists:

  • Physicians – Some skin care offices provide services similar to a dermatologist’s office, but do not have a physician on site. While technicians can deliver great service, it’s comforting to know that treatments and results are being delivered by a medical professional who is educated and trained in the field of dermatology.
  • Referrals – Most offices will be able to show you before and after photos. However, it’s great to get referrals from your friends and family. They can speak of their results, how comfortable they felt asking questions, and if they liked the physician and the office.
  • Experience with fillers – The field of dermatology changes constantly as new techniques are developed and new products are added. For example, today there are many types of dermal fillers, each created from different substances and best used for a specific area of the face. Talk with the physician and his team to be sure he offers a full suite of services and products so that you can achieve the precise results you want.

At Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery, our team is committed to helping you achieve the results you want. For more information about the services offered at Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery, call 1-866-337-6631 today.

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