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Mole Removal Options from Mentor Dermatologists

In recent years, doctors have become vocal about the importance of protecting skin from the sun. This is because more patients are being diagnosed with skin cancer than with breast, prostate, lung, or colon cancer. While it is important to use sunscreen, cover the skin, and avoid high risk times outside, it is also critical to get annual skin checks by a skilled dermatologist. Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery, with offices in Akron, Mayfield Heights, and Mentor, OH, has the knowledge and experience to quickly determine if a mole is a potential health threat and if a patient needs mole removal.

Types of moles

Most people have moles on their skin. A normal mole is evenly colored and can be black, tan, or brown. These moles can be flat or slightly raised. Moles that cause doctors concern are those that follow the ABCDE rule:

  • Asymmetrical moles in which one half of the mole does not match the other
  • A ragged or blurred border
  • A color that is inconsistent throughout the mole
  • A diameter larger than a fourth of an inch (a pencil eraser)
  • An evolving appearance

These moles are at risk of skin cancer. However, skin cancer can be effectively treated with early diagnosis. The mole will be removed following one of the methods below and sent to a laboratory for a pathology report. If it is cancerous, your doctor will discuss next steps.

Mole removal methods:

  • The area where the mole is located will be numbed and then the mole can be surgically excised and then stitched
  • The physician can use shallow cuts to shave the mole from the skin, leaving an area that does not require stitches
  • Smaller moles can be removed using a punch technique which is often stitched with just a few small sutures

Regardless of the option used for mole removal, the team at Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery ensures that you understand the process and are kept comfortable. In the Northeast Ohio area call 1-866-337-6631.

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