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Skin Cancer Screening in Northeast Ohio

How often do we check our appearance in the mirror before heading out the door? Once in the morning or perhaps several times depending on the number of places we have to go. Make a quick adjustment here or there and you’re ready to face the world.

There is another type of visual check that requires a minimal amount of time and it can fix much more than your appearance — it can save your life. Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery recommends every person get a skin cancer screening or complete body check once a year.

Our doctors and health professionals swiftly and efficiently scan the entire body to look for lesions, moles or other abnormalities. Their training and experience can spot problems that to a normal untrained eye, wouldn’t raise an alarm. Early detection can help prevent long-term health issues. In addition, the earlier an issue like skin cancer is detected the less invasive the treatment. And in most cases it can be resolved.

The Process

Patients can make an appointment at any of the Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery locations in Mayfield Heights, Mentor, Uniontown, or Akron / Fairlawn, Ohio.

Patients will need to disrobe in the exam room for the doctor to fully examine the entire body from the bottom of the feet to hands, arms, and up to the top of the head. The dermatologists at Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery examine hundreds of patients each week and know just what to look for during the skin cancer screening.

A headset equipped with a magnifier and a light and an assistant to enter pertinent notes into the patient’s records assists the doctor. The physician might take a few photos if there is a spot or area of question on the skin that needs further review.

Another important part of the process is recording any family history of skin cancer or skin issues that could impact the patient. If a particular spot or section of the skin requires further examination or a biopsy, the doctor will schedule a follow up visit.


Any type of treatment plan will depend on the type of detectable skin issue and the stage at diagnosis. Various options can range from a topical ointment for a basal cell discovery to Mohs surgery or more aggressive treatment to prevent any skin cancer from spreading into the body.

The good news is that the majority of patients have a clean skin check and can simply schedule their annual checkup for the following year. For the remainder of the patients that might have a skin condition requiring treatment, 98-99% of the skin issues detected by the dermatologist can be treated during office visits.

Who Can Benefit from Skin Cancer Checks?

Patients of all ages can benefit from a skin cancer screening, including young children whose parents have detected an abnormality or suspicious patch. We have pediatric dermatologists on staff who can help treat young patients.

People who have received an organ transplant are more prone to getting certain types of skin cancers, such as squamous cell cancers. It is important for this segment of the population to schedule a regular skin cancer screening with their dermatologist.

Allied Dermatology and Skin Surgery urges everyone to educate themselves and be proactive in pursuing the best treatments for their skin health. Make an appointment today for your annual skin cancer screening.

Most insurance plans will cover the office visit for this purpose; check with your insurance company to ask about copays and deductibles. And remember, the best path to a positive, long-term health outlook is early detection of any type of skin cancer followed with a proper treatment plan.

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